A Brief Overview of Live Casino Game Development

A Brief Overview of Live Casino Game Development

It is a known fact that online gambling is the biggest trend today. Casino game developers are constantly creating new live Casino Game Development that feature intuitive graphics and engaging gameplay to capitalize on this thriving market. There are numerous casino games available in different formats to appeal to different audiences. 

As long as they possess a smartphone and a stable internet connection, anyone can play live casino games at any time. Online casinos allow you to begin playing casino games with very little money, so you don't need an enormous sum of money to start playing. The reason why people from all over the world are joining the live casino world is because of these benefits. 

As a result of online casino games' immense popularity, many business owners and entrepreneurs invest in casino game development. If you are also interested in investing in the development of live casino games, then this article is designed for you. 


Statistic on the Live Casino industry, scope, and trends

The Live Casino market has been consistently growing, and the degree of growth will accelerate during the forecast period, 2021-2027. Global News Wire reports that the casino market was valued at USD 45837.26 million in the year 2019, along with an expected CAGR of 7.91%. The market is expected to reach USD 77420.56 million from 2021 to 2026. 

Casino games have grown significantly in recent years, as evidenced by this statistic. Below we highlight some key trends shaping the live casino industry. Let's see what they are. 

Integration of the Cryptocurrencies 

In the coming years, cryptocurrency will continue to dominate the live casino market. The use of cryptocurrencies has become more common among gamers due to their faster deposit and withdrawal process, as well as their enhanced security. The other benefit of cryptocurrency is that it permits players to maintain anonymity when making transactions. 

VR Based Live Casino Games 

A virtual reality system is another technological advancement that lets casinos offer players a more realistic gaming experience. The VR version of live casino games provides a great level of comfort to players like the real thing. 

Increase Live Dealer Games 

It can be said that the development of live casino games would not be successful without charming and witty dealers. In casino games that feature live dealers, technological advancements have made it possible to meet players' demands. It is this human interaction that makes players spend more time playing live casino games. 

Amazing Audio & Theme

This game combines brilliant gameplay and an amazing soundtrack to give players the best gaming experience. Consequently, many live casino games are incorporating different soundtracks and themes that reflect the real-world casino environment. In addition to providing satisfaction to the players, it keeps them absorbed in the game for long periods of time.


Three Steps to Start Your Own Live Casino Game

Live casino games are a profitable business, as you are aware. If you wish to start your own live casino game, then you should take the following four steps. 

1. Get a Live Casino Game License 

A license is your first and most important step towards being able to operate in a particular jurisdiction. This is done by selecting the countries where live casino games are legal.

2. Setting Up a Payment Gateway 

Setting up a payment gateway is crucial when it comes to live casino games, since these games involve financial transactions. Partnering with an experienced live casino game development company like Artistixeit allows you to set up a pay gateway. This will provide a level of security and multiple payment options including cryptocurrency payments. 

3. Accomplishing User-Friendly Live Casino Web and App

A number of live casinos are already operating on the market. What makes you stand out from the competition is a mobile-friendly and user-friendly live casino application with the potential to attract customers. In addition to this, you can also integrate a chat support system to offer assistance to your players.

It will be extremely helpful for you to drive players toward your live casino if you have a solid marketing strategy. For this, players can take advantage of attractive bonus and reward programs.


Features to be Included in Live Casino Platform

Features to be Included in Live Casino Platform

This article contains a list of some of the most distinguished features of live casinos that will help you to attract as many casino lovers as possible. 

Simple UI and UX

It is the first thing that casino lovers are likely to notice about your gaming platform. Therefore, the live casino platform needs to provide both simple and easy-to-understand UI and UX designs. The UI and UX of your application will be too complicated for novice players, and they will struggle to navigate through your app. There are a lot of people of all ages who are fond of playing live casino games, therefore the design should not be geared exclusively towards the younger audience.

High-end Graphics and Sound 

The high-end visuals and soundtrack are another feature that makes live casinos so successful. With high-quality visuals and soundtracks, your online live casino can be as authentic as a real-world casino. 


A leaderboard shows the players their rank and overall performance. A list of top players is also shown on the leaderboard. They are so motivated to compete with each other that they establish a healthy competition.

Convenient Payment Options 

A platform with convenient payment options is likely to be well received by casino lovers. A platform that allows players to deposit and withdraw funds promptly will be well received. 

Fiat and Cryptocurrencies Acceptance

It is hoped that cryptocurrency will facilitate safe gambling. The technology prevents fraudulent transactions, and transactions are untraceable. This is the primary reason live casinos are adopting fiat and cryptocurrency payment systems. 

Real-time Chats

The real-time chat feature enhances the game experience and allows players to converse with one another in real-time. 

Multi-lingual Support 

It has been pointed out that live casino game lovers are found all over the world. It has been stated that most people prefer using the platform in their native tongue. By doing so, they gain confidence while using the application and can access it more easily. 

Round the Clock Customer Support

The customer support service is available 24x7 to assist players around the clock. It is important to establish the reputation of a brand and building trust by providing excellent customer support. 

Social Media Integration

Through social media integration, the players will be able to share their achievements on their social media accounts. In addition to this, players can also invite their friends to play with them.

Security & Transparency

While developing live casino games, security and transparency are important factors that need to be taken into consideration. There is no doubt that the players will appreciate a platform that offers transparency and security at the highest levels. 


What Is the Cost of Developing a Live Casino Game?

The main factor that comes to mind when you are thinking about live Casino Game Development is the cost, especially if you are a business owner or entrepreneur. 

Well, the cost of developing a live casino application depends on what you intend to do with it. Are you looking for an application that offers the most advanced features for a live casino? Do you want a clone application or to label a casino game development solution? 

The cost of developing a live casino application with the basic features will be somewhere between $25,000 and $40,000. The cost will increase as you add more features and technical elements to the application. You can discuss the live casino game development cost with Artistixeit's team for a better understanding. 


Want to Hire a Reliable Live Casino App Developer?

There is no denying that the live casino application has been on the rise for some time now. Many startups are generating substantial revenue from this rapidly growing industry. Artistixeit has the right technology and knowledge to enable you to reach the new ladder of success if you also wish to replicate the same. 

We have over ten years of game development experience, as well as a team of highly qualified graphic designers, developers, and testers. The company walks a mile with its clients to make sure they take care of all their business needs. 

Do you want to start your live casino application? Are you looking for a reliable partner to assist with your game development? Let us help you? Get in touch with us today.

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