A Complete Guide for Hiring React Native Developers

A Complete Guide for Hiring React Native Developers

Are you having difficulty finding a development team who can meet your expectations? Is there ever a time when you regret hiring React Native app developers remotely? Do you feel you need to go through a practical guide before making a final hiring decision? Let us serve you in case you have been a victim of any of these situations!

It is difficult to hire a good React Native development team without going through tough procedures. The experience was similar to discovering a hidden secret. While trying to find the secret, we endured chronic anxiety, severe injuries, but guess what? We found the prerequisites for hiring React Native resources. All those useful points discussed in this article will lead you to hiring React Native experts.


The Advantages of React Native Development

React Native provides an easy and cost-effective way to build versatile solutions. These frameworks allow apps to be easily updated, maintained, and supported. 

You should consider hiring a team that specializes in React Native if you want to take full advantage of this framework.

Reusable components

The React Native framework eliminates the need for developers to write apps for specific platforms. The framework allows each iOS and Android element to be leveraged and reused. As a result of using pre-built JavaScript libraries, developers save time by saving the process of constantly rebuilding code.

React Native appeals to developers and investors due to its lower cost and management effort

Cost-effective App Development

Although the cost of hiring app developers for React Native varies, creating an application is relatively inexpensive. This is due to the easy migration process, the reusability of code, and the support for 3rd party plugins. In addition, the time required to build an app on this platform is reduced by half thanks to code reusability. A decrease in time also results in a reduction in cost.

In a survey by Statista, nearly 42% of mobile app developers choose React Native as their preferred cross-platform framework.

Convenience in App Development

As part of this framework, developers are provided with a bunch of APIs that are specifically for iOS and Android. Also, Developers can take advantage of the development platform's features like contact, storage, and camera.

React Native Improves Performance

Performance is improved by the native module in this framework. As opposed to other cross-platform frameworks such as PhoneGap, which render code with the help of WebView, a mobile engine, React Native renders code components using native APIs. Due to similar reasons, the framework communicates with native components for iOS or Android in order for the code to be rendered to native APIs independently. As a result, React uses a separate thread from the UI for communication, which helps it to perform better.

React Native improves UI

The native module in this framework improves performance. A major difference between React Native and other cross-platform frameworks is that it renders code components by using native APIs, as opposed to other cross-platform frameworks. The framework communicates with native iOS and Android components so the code is rendered to native APIs independently. 

Tips for Hiring React Native Developers

Tips for Hiring React Native Developers

Now that we've discussed the benefits of hiring React Native app developers, let's talk about some tips that will help you decide.

Know Your Business Requirement

A major impact of React Native has been on the hybrid mobile development ecosystem. As a result of this open source framework, companies can now develop robust, interactive, and faster apps for Android and iOS. 

You might be excited to know that giant companies like Facebook, Tesla, Walmart, Instagram, Skype, and Bloomberg are embracing React Native. Could you tell me what your requirements are - are they UI components or a mobile app, timeframes, etc.? You should know exactly what you want before embarking on your quest. The foundation of a successful project lies in it.

Companies Vs. Freelancers

Choosing one of these options may seem daunting, but you can narrow down the solution by considering the following suggestions. While freelancers are an economical alternative, you should not overlook their limitations (quality compromise and timeline). 

Professional companies have a deep understanding of the technology and are highly experienced in the domain. Clientele from around the world are served regularly by these companies, which ensures service reliability. However, before deciding whether to hire React Native developers, check out the following suggestions:

  • Your project's size and budget
  • Projects successfully completed by the company/freelancer


Verify Developer’s Background

When hiring offshore React Native developers, you need to consider the developer's background. The majority of RN developers have experience in Java or Swift/Objective-C. Other types of developers include those who are experienced with web/SPA development (e.g. ReactJS). In this way, you can make an informed decision about hiring a dedicated React Native developer.

Find out Company’s Financial Strength

When you have a good understanding of the company's technical capability, you should examine its financial health. It is important to do the financial analysis ahead of time before hiring dedicated React Native developers as you will be investing a lot of money. In order to determine the financial strength of a company, follow these steps:

  • Exploring company’s website to get the information
  • Make sure the information collected is validated by authentic sources

Frequent Communication

The key to achieving the desired outcome is constant collaboration and frequent communication. It is best to communicate directly with your point-of-contact so you can provide them with all the information they need.

  • Provide a clear explanation of your requirements and expectations
  • Provide your requirements with suggestions from the Developers

Here are some tips for hiring React Native experts, but wait, there is more to consider before post-development. A pre- and post-development checklist is also important during the hiring process. 

Sign an NDA (non-disclosure agreement) with the chosen firm to ensure the completion of your project without delay or legal insecurity. Make sure the firm offers post-development support, such as app submission and testing, bug fixes, and support and maintenance.


The Skills of a React Native Developer

You should be aware of all the skills a developer must possess before hiring React Native development team. According to their skills and work experience, developers should be divided into three categories: junior, middle, and senior. 

In this article, we will explore how junior, middle, and senior-level React native developers have knowledge and experience.

Junior level React Native Developer

Developers at the junior level have 0-6 months of experience. They could either be recent graduates or professionals seeking a career in programming. It is important for a junior-level developer to know: 

  • Write Javascript codes along with all features and enhancements (ES6 or later). Functioning of the framework, APIs, and framework libraries
  • Implement basic navigation that includes knowledge about push, modal, and other navigation types within an app.
  • Work with redux, which allows developers to create applications that can be run in a variety of environments. 
  • Be familiar with the basic principles of testing and debugging while participating in testing and debugging


Middle level React Native Developer

Middle level React Native developers have experience working on multiple projects for at least two years. They are independent and able to solve problems on their own. It is imperative to ensure that any React Native experts (middle-level) you decide to hire can:   

  • Optimize performance and are capable of interacting with hardware such as cameras, microphones, GPS sensors, etc. It is crucial that they have a thorough understanding of implementing these hardware features in an application, as well as how to mitigate challenges that may arise. 
  • Learn how to cache data offline and how to use different types of databases (relational, non-relational) and libraries. 
  • Integrate apps with third-party services (third-party) and use APIs to integrate their functionality into mobile apps.
  • Deploying apps on Google Play and App Store requires you to have a clear understanding of how to acquire all the necessary components.


Senior level React Native Developer

At the senior level, a Developer has extensive knowledge of this framework and three years of experience. A senior Developer should also possess coaching and management skills. They also have expertise in:

  • Creating React Native applications and successfully porting existing Android or iOS apps. Developers at the senior level must be proficient in languages such as Java, Objective-C, Kotlin, and Swift.
  • Mentoring the team's workflow and helping it to overcome coding challenges. Our developers are experts in different approaches to app development.
  • They explore architectural options for further app development. The team must have a thorough understanding of a project's technical requirements and the best way to meet those needs. 
  • The team must set up continuous integration and continuous delivery. Improved code quality, early problem resolution, and project visibility are some of the benefits of CI/CD.

Dedicated React Native Developers Rates

The average hourly price may be between $18 and $40 in India. There is an abundance of React Native developers for hire in India at a reasonable rate, making India one of the most popular offshore destinations.  

React developers make an average of $93,025 per year or $35-$45 per hour in the United States. It ranks among the highest salary graphs for such resources worldwide.

While other companies assign a dedicated resource to a project after it has been approved, Artistixe IT Solutions LLP professionals prefer a different approach. In the first 30 minutes after you contact us, we offer a free strategy call so that we can better understand your application requirements.

The purpose of this call is to precisely understand the client's needs. By doing so, we can keep our clients on the same page. Educating our clients about our approach to development can also be accomplished by doing this. Our frequent communication allows clients to be aware of the tools and techniques we use when developing React Native applications.

Artistixe IT Solutions LLP React Native Dedicated Development Team

Artistixe IT Solutions LLP has highly skilled React Native developers available for hire. After a successful assessment, our specialists are handpicked. Our company works with clients from around the world in different time zones. Each project involves a step-by-step course of action.

You Hire React Native Developer to work on your app when you join forces with us. Artistixe IT Solutions LLP also offers flexible hiring models depending upon the project requirement. The project budget is calculated in advance, and our goal is to stay as cost-effective as possible. 

Despite the fact that our codes do most of the heavy lifting when building an app, we realize the significance of adding a human touch to these codes to achieve success. Each app goes through rigorous manual testing before it is launched. 

The requirements of our clients, the applications we develop, and everything else we do is very important to us. Our dedicated React Native development team spends quality time over the phone gathering app details. 

Among the most reasonable points to hire React Native app developers from Artistixe IT Solutions LLP, we can promise the following advantages.

  • Diverse skills: Artistixe IT Solutions LLP carefully decides the team for every new project depending upon the requirements and skills of our developers.
  • Adaptability: It is possible to hire React Native experts who have experience with a variety of technologies, tools, and development techniques. Our team offers customized solutions that suit individual clients' needs.
  • Project control: Outsourcing your project to Artistixe IT Solutions LLP will allow you to get in touch with experienced resources. Our team will keep you informed about every development on the project.
  • Cost-effective services: The cost of hiring a React Native developer is already quite reasonable. React Native supports cross-platform deployment, making it affordable for most clients.

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