Developing a Sports Betting App: Step by Step Guide

Developing a Sports Betting App: Step by Step Guide

Sports betting app is currently an industry segment with the fastest growth in the world of gambling. In 2023, it will make up a considerable share of the $92.9 billion markets at a CAGR of 6.9%. Although the Coronavirus pandemic may seem to have inhibited the demand for betting, online gambling continues to grow thanks to new and convenient betting apps.

You should take several important details into consideration when developing a gambling application. Due to the fact that this business can only be conducted in certain states, you must study the regulatory requirements carefully, get gambling licenses, and adhere to app store restrictions.

What Is the Process of Sports Betting? Here Are 5 Different Types

Gambling works on the simple principle that you bet on the outcome of an event and receive a reward if you are correct. In the same manner, if you make a mistake, you will lose your investment.

Modern sports betting is a simple process at its core, but there are many nuances and it is essential to understand them in order to design a successful application.

Sports betting app falls into five main categories: 

  • Moneyline. Moneyline bets involve simply betting on who will win and depending on whether your chosen winner is a favorite or an underdog, you will receive either a smaller or larger reward. Putting $100 on the underdog when they win can win you $250, but putting $470 on the favorite will yield a $100 profit.
  • Head-to-head betting. It is an aspect of Moneyline betting in which you bet on a single winner, for example in a race for cars or horses.
  • Parlays. A parlay is a bet that combines several bets into one wager, also known as an accumulator. By increasing the number of bets in the pool, your potential profit increases. A loss on one of those bets, however, leaves the entire wager in the red.
  • Teasers. A teaser is a variant of a parlay bet where you get a smaller payout for a larger shift in the point spread in your favor. With teaser betting, betting apps for basketball, soccer, and football will gain the most benefit.
  • Props. Sports betting apps that offer the best user experience will attract people who've never placed a bet before. If you want to create a beginner-friendly application, you should offer prop bets as a fun and easy introduction to betting. With props, one doesn't have to understand the sport or the teams involved to place bets.

Here Are the Leading Sports Betting Apps of 2021

Market growth in the gambling industry has been significant over the years, and analyzing your competitors will help you identify what makes them successful.

Listed below are three popular betting applications with their advantages:

William Hill Betting App

The William Hill gambling business is the biggest in the U.S. Customers can bet on a wide variety of sports on the company's sports betting application. This application is designed to make the betting experience as efficient as possible. It accomplishes this by letting registered users place bets for free, making cash-outs available at any time, providing live betting services, and providing users with analytical tools to help them choose their candidates.

Paddy Power

There are a number of sports to bet on at Paddy Power, one of William Hill's biggest competitors. As a soccer betting app, this app's main advantage is its specificity. The Paddy Power website allows UK fans to watch a game live for as little as £1.


TVG is an app that caters to horses only, which is why it appeals to non-sports fans. In addition to an easy-to-use interface, the app provides detailed data about past races, live streams, statistics, and bonuses for referring new users. There is only one major disadvantage to the app, which is that it is only available to iOS users.

The Biggest Challenges in Sports Betting App Development

You have to work around significant budget and technology challenges when developing a mobile application. However, you need to also juggle additional layers of legal concerns when it comes to designing a sports gambling app.

Rules and Regulations

Obtaining a gambling license is the most important step before developing a betting app. Due to the fact that betting is not legal worldwide, you have to apply for licenses in every country and state where you wish to launch your application. It can be challenging to navigate between different jurisdictions without a lawyer. Planning your budget more accurately can be made easier by including these consultant services in your expenses.

It is important to note that gambling regulations vary by country, and even within Europe, there can be significant differences: while the United Kingdom has a highly developed gambling industry (and is home to the William Hill app), other countries such as Spain, the Netherlands, and Denmark still have inconsistent and often hectic laws regarding online betting.

Only 25 states allow sports betting in the United States. The application cannot be accessed from anywhere else. There is only one gambling license required in Australia. You can launch your betting application immediately if you are granted the license. The only legal form of sports gambling in Argentina is soccer betting, while the only legal firm in the Philippines is horse betting. Brazilian, Russian, and Singaporean betting laws prohibit it.

Introducing the App to the App Stores

Betting apps are subject to additional restrictions on app markets. In order to prevent losing money on your betting app development, you need to review them. Otherwise, you could add a feature that your target app store cannot accept.

According to Google Play Market

  • The app should be aimed at the United Kingdom, Ireland, or France;
  • You need a gambling license from the country where your app will be used;
  • Your app must be free to download;
  • You can't use in-app billing; and 
  • Apps must have geofences and be rated Adult Only.

Similar regulations apply to Apple Store, but without Google's restrictions based on country.

The Key Features and Functionality of a Betting App

The Key Features and Functionality of a Betting App

There are typically two main elements of a betting app: the user panel and the admin panel. It includes features for managing financial transactions, regulating new users, and monitoring the app's performance.

Additionally, this dashboard should display key metrics and provide a sufficient toolkit for analyzing user activity on the app. After you have more users and revenue, analytics will become extremely useful for changing your marketing, offers, sports choices, targeting, and overall business plan.

Admin Panel

The admin panel allows you to access the following:

  • Login and logout;
  • Monetization of apps;
  • Managing users (viewing transaction history, banning or adding users, sending notifications);
  • Customizing apps; and 
  • Managing bookmakers.

User Side

Let's take a look at some of the user-facing features:

  • Account registration and creation

An account can be created, and users can sign in and out of it. It should be regulated to prevent children from using it. A person's age for gambling depends on the laws of their country.

  • Place your bet

Any online betting app must have the ability for users to place bets. You should create an intuitive and simple user interface that guides a person through every step easily and without hassle. Users are more likely to participate in placing a bet is easy.

  • The wagers list

All existing bets should be visible to users.

  • The wallet

Users should be able to link their cards and payment accounts to the application. After the initial setup, a person will be able to place a wager with a single tap instead of inputting all the payment details for every new wager.

  • Menu

Users can access their account, bets, wallet, notifications, settings, friends, and other features of the application through this panel. The main menu of a betting app should provide an option to choose sports.

  • Notifications

Send out notifications about upcoming events, game results, and new messages. Push notifications are beneficial for news about betting outcomes and other exciting or urgent topics.

  • Guides to betting

Develop an easily accessible guide for new users to explain how to bet without leaving the application.

  • Schedules and statistics

Users can find out what games are scheduled, experts' evaluations of recent matches, and odds for upcoming events. In addition to boosting confidence, providing sports statistics also encourages people to place bets.

  • Live scores

Providing users with real-time results keeps them engaged, increases their chances of gambling, and makes them more likely to use your app often.

Feature additions for users

  • Streaming live games;
  • compatibility with multiple platforms;
  • introducing discounts and bonuses;
  • accepting cryptocurrency payments;
  • offering in-play betting;
  • providing chat and comment sections;
  • allowing offline access to the information section;
  • Multilingual support; and 
  • Accept feedback on the app's performance from users and provide 24/7 customer support.

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