How Important E-learning Mobile Apps be in the Future

How Important E-learning Mobile Apps be in the Future

2020-2021 was an eventful year for eLearning study. If something, it cemented the fact that trainers and development specialists should consider eLearning solution because the manner ahead for the entire training and development industry. However that doesn’t mean in-person training is out of the question. The education industry has seen a substantial change in its approach as additional resources are created accessible to make confortable. Among these resources, E-Learning Mobile Apps have their own value in gold.

E-learning Mobile Apps have get trend over the last 4-5 years and since their arrival, the general Scenario of education sector has changed forever. It also praise from students and parents globally for the methods of e-learning. We predict some blended learning should undoubtedly be thrown into the mix. So, once revising, we think blending eLearning and a few styles of traditional ways of training is that the manner forward. So, consider e-learning as an exact a part of the combo.

Rise of academic & ELearning Mobile Apps

We live in a today’s world where there's almost an app for managing every aspect of our routine lifestyle - be it entertainment, health, or social activities or connectives. And, the demand for mobile applications is growing every passing day.  When we talk about the education & eLearning sector, it's additionally seen exponential growth in demand and usage of e-Learning Mobile Apps

The reason behind the fastest growth of mobile apps is simply due to the convenience of learning, they provide to students or learners. Students will learn any new technology - right from basic to advanced level - via online Learning Apps with 24/7 access facility nowadays. Also, submitting assignments, finding tutorials, getting online tutor help and so many things can done easily via E-Learning Mobile Apps. The advancements in E-learning technology are positively creating mobile applications more helpful for learners across the world.

Technologies like AI (Artificial Intelligence), Machine learning, and AR/VR also contribute to delivering a far better learning experience to students via Academic Mobile Apps.

Benefits of Educational & E-learning Mobile Apps  

  • Cost-effective learning experience 
  • Easy accessibility 
  • Productive learning 
  • Flexible and on-the-go learning  
  • 24/7 accessibility to educational content 
  • Instant Tutor Support
  • Detailed Academic content facility (e.g. Audio/Videos lessons, books, FAQs, assessment topics, etc.)
  • Keep an eye on Course Progress 
  • Detailed Reports about Academic performance 
  • Communal learning via quiz show, games and videos

Some Important Features Must Be Included in E-Learning Solution 

Some most important features that should be a part of E-learning Mobile App, which is mentioned below: 

Key features of student Panel

  1. Registration:  Students can easily register and edit their profile with this feature. 
  2. Search Courses: Students can search for different courses by applying filters like difficulty level, course duration, fees, etc. 
  3. Post Questions: Leaders or students can post questions and get answers from tutors
  4. Mock Tests: Learners can attend various mock tests of a course to check their ability
  5. Payments: Learners can make payments for different courses which they want to purchase. 
  6. Alerts: Learners can receive personalized alerts for all upcoming online tutor sessions, assessments, quizzes, meetings, etc.
  7. Chat: Learners can directly interact with the course tutor and co-students via the chat screen.
  8. Track Progress: Learners can track course progress and performance through personalized reports. 

Key Features of Admin Panel

  1. Manage Learning Sessions:  Admin can easily modify or manage learning sessions
  2. Manage Courses:  Admin  can easily modify  subjects for various courses
  3. Manage Subscription:  Admin can modify or alter package fees and credits for users
  4. Manage Badges:  Admin can control badge status 
  5. Manage Payments:  Admin can manage the payments for tutors and learners on the app
  6. Manage Users:  Admin can control user permissions and their roles
  7. Manage Chats:  Admin can manage chats and discussion forums if added in ap. 
  8. Manage Information Systems:  Admin can control the Student Information System
  9. Manage Notifications:  Admin can control app notifications to ensure it reaches the right audience
  10. Manage Content:  The Admin can verify and handle the content upload by tutors through the integrated CMS.

Key features of Tutor Panel

  1. Register/Login: Tutors can register, login and edit their profile details. 
  2. Upload/Modify Content: Tutors can also modify and upload the content via the CMS integrated with the app. 
  3. Notifications/Alert: Tutors can receive in-app and push notifications for upcoming sessions and questions posted by students. 
  4. Real-Time Learning: Tutors can teach in real-time via audio, video and chat with a screen switching mode available in the app.
  5. Payments: Tutors can receive payments for content uploads, students subscriptions and other milestones achieved on the app. 
  6. Chat: Tutors can connect with students and parents directly via the chat screen. 

Features for Parents Side (Application is Built Respectively for Schools, Colleagues, etc.)

  1. Student Progress Tracking:  Parents can easily see their student’s course completion speed via this feature. 
  2. Student Attendance Tracking: Students attendance is live tutor sessions, seminars, online tests, quizzes or other assessments organized on the app can be tracked with this feature. 
  3. Performance: Parents can access detailed student reports for a particular course via this feature. 
  4. Chat: In-app chat facility to consult tutor or admin of the app. 
  5. Manage Subscriptions: Parents can manage subscription or pay for the courses subscribed by kids on the e-learning app. 
  6. Alerts: Parents can receive timely alerts from tutors and admin about their student’s online progress. 

Final Words:

E-learning mobile app is growing day by day and if you would like to enter the digital domain following this trend then now is the time. If you are looking to create your own website or application that focuses on e-learning solution then this time is the best chance to start your journey. So, hire an experienced and well known reputed Mobile App Development Company that would assist you build an impressive and awesome app. If you've an e-learning solution idea and want to turn into a working reality then contact us today, we are the best E-Learning Mobile Apps Development Company in India. You just need to do sit back and decide what you want in your e-learning application.

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