How to Develop a Doctor Appointment App Similar to Medlife

How to Develop a Doctor Appointment App Similar to Medlife

When you return home from work, your sick baby embraces you with a warm hug. You are never made to feel bad for not being there for most of the day, no matter what your choices are. Kids getting sick is a nightmare scenario. The symptoms are obvious - a fever that doesn't respond to treatment, persistent vomiting over 24 hours, and being "off their food" that makes it important to see a Doctor Appointment App. What about the coughs, the sniffles, the headaches, and the mystery that follows? As difficult as it is important to get it right, there can also be an added factor of an exaggeration! Cripes! How could you possibly sit still during this part? I need an immediate medical consultation (someone who is available at that time).

The Purpose of Bringing Mobility to Health Care

Mobile devices support medical and public health practices via mHealth, according to the Global Observatory for eHealth (GOe). A subset of eHealth, includes patient monitoring devices, personal digital assistants (PDAs), and other wireless devices. With all their utility features, mobile phones utilize voice calls, short message service (SMS), mobile applications (apps), the Internet, GPS, and Bluetooth technology.

Benefits of Mobile and eHealth Applications

Doctor-patient communication is made possible by mobile health technologies, which have a significant impact on patient health outcomes. Doctor consultations via mobile health apps are convenient for both doctors and patients, as they save both time and money. Nevertheless, this approach can often be used to overcome widespread barriers in healthcare, such as a shortage of health professionals, reliance on untrained or informal medical providers, cost of service, transportation, and lack of reliable information sources.

Doctor Appointment App that provides online doctor consultation or online doctor appointment-related services are not associated with - Diet and fitness, Health information, Health insurance, Medicine order/information, health programme, Hospital/lab/clinic locator, or other unclassifiable services. The following Doctor Appointment Apps are currently available in India: Practo, mfine, DocsApp, 1mg, Netmeds, Lybrate, MediBuddy, Ask Apollo, I Online Doctor, CallDoc, DOCTOR INSTA, DocOnline, and Medlife.

  • Dr. consultations are available through audio, video, and chat through Mfine, Practo, and Lybrate
  • Netmeds and DocsApp offer doctor consultations via voice and video chat
  • A free chat consultation is available at 1MG
  • MedBuddy and Medlife offer audio call consultations

AI in Healthcare

The use of artificial intelligence and natural language programming enables patients to find doctors with the appropriate specialization without using medical jargon. This leads to substantial improvements in all areas of health care, from diagnostics to treatment.

The AI assistants monitor breathing patterns, voice tones, and background noises during emergency calls to detect heart attacks 90% accurately and get patients the help they need more quickly. They may be used to diagnose Breast cancer, Type Two Diabetes, Chronic Inflammatory Bowel Disease, and even Atrial Fibrillation.

The DeepMind AI developed by Google is capable of analyzing eye scans and diagnosing over 50 conditions that threaten the health of the eye with the same accuracy as physicians. Due to its automation, it can do it much faster and at a much higher scale, fulfilling one of the main promises of data science.

Artificial intelligence can also be used in medicine to accelerate drug discovery, medical image analysis, reduce medical costs, better diagnose cancer, ambient assisted living, and machine vision.

Implementation of Doctor Consultation App Challenges

Health literacy and affordability have resulted in a significant increase in Doctor Appointment App usage due to the need and accessibility of mobile phones and the internet. Some families below the poverty line find it difficult to afford a mobile device. Some smartphone owners lack the health literacy to fully utilize these Doctor Appointment Apps, which determines how healthcare is utilized.

Features of Doctor Appointment App

Features of Doctor Appointment App

  • Online and Offline Doctor Appointment Booking - To make it easier for patients and doctors to access the app when necessary.
  • Administrator Profile/Panel - Provides administrators with the ability to manage doctors and patients
  • Doctor Profile/Panel - It should detail every aspect of the doctor's experience and expertise.
  • Listings of doctors with search filters - Find a specialist doctor by narrowing down your search.
  • Patient Profiles/Panel - Provides medical history information to help doctors treat patients.
  • Map Integration - To make it easier for patients to visit hospitals
  • Reminders & Notifications -
  • Online Video Conferencing Capacity -
  • Prescriptions Feature -
  • Symptom Checker and Disease Diagnosis - AI-based assistants are able to make predictions based on symptoms reported by patients.
  • E-Billing & Payment Gateways - This service enables users to make online payments and pay for scheduled payments via secure payment gateways.
  • Cost Calculator and Health Tracking -
  • A Drug Reference Tool and Safety Compliance Information -

Stacks of Technology used in eHealth Apps

Front-end development Angular, ReactJS
Back-end development Node.js, PHP, Phyton; database - Postgres, MySQL & MongoDB
Mobile development Android - Java, iOS - Swift
Multiple payment modes Braintree, PayPal, Stripe
Map integration and user location tracking Google Maps API, MapKit, CoreLocation
Push notifications Push.io, Twilio
In-app calling and messaging Twilio
Cloud environment Google, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure

Business Models

Doctor appointment applications are free for patients but charged to care, providers. Patients can subscribe to premium features, doctors can use B2B telemedicine solutions and employers can subscribe to subscription-based products. As part of another variation of eHealth applications, doctors charge patients a fixed fee per consultation. Web and native mobile apps for iOS, iPad, and Android remain the same.

Conclusion: The Way Forward

Healthcare infrastructure is a lengthy and costly process. The Doctor Appointment Platform offers great potential as more people gain access to mobile devices. Additionally, Doctor Appointment requires only awareness, minimal funding, and planning from the government. This reduces travel and time-related expenses. The purpose of this platform is to improve health-seeking behaviour by raising health literacy. Due to low living standards, limited career opportunities, learning opportunities, and earning opportunities, physicians are reluctant to work in rural areas. With the Doctor Appointment App, you can schedule appointments at any time. These apps include a directory of available professionals, automatic reminders, and integration with their digital calendars. Before a consultation, patients can upload any existing documents related to their health. Payments are secure. We have development experts on hand!

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