Taxi App Similar to UBER/OLA Along with Advance Features

Taxi App Similar to UBER/OLA Along with Advance Features

Over the last few years, the concept of traditional taxi services has become almost non-existence. Evolution of incredible Taxi Booking App Development has taken over the market by storm. In a lot of places, especially metropolitan cities, the concept of hiring a taxi has become extremely prevalent. Hiring a taxi does not fall cheaper than owning your car but it also spares you from the troubles of jam-packed roads and car repairs. Moving on, companies like Uber, Ola and more have made getting a ride just one tap away. Taxi Booking Apps have dominated the market and are certainly here to stay.

Presently, smartphones have simplified our work by adding on-demand Taxi Booking App Development services. A lot of taxi booking apps is available in the market and which allow us to book the taxi in a few minutes easily. Within no time your booked taxi will come to pick you at your doorstep.

Sounds cool, isn’t it? Moreover, you do not need to guide the driver for the route. You simply need to enter your location and destination while booking. The online Taxi Booking App has become a significant transportation offered by great minds. With this on-demand app development solutions, several Mobile App Development companies are growing their revenue with increased competition.

To overcome this dilemma, we have listed Top features for On Demand Taxi Booking App Development.

Basic Taxi Booking App Features

Must-have features for the Passenger App:

  1. Tracking nearby drivers
  2. Ability to set the pickup location on the map without typing an address
  3. Ability to see relevant info about the driver: name, photo, contact info, rating, car type, and ETA (estimated time of arrival)
  4. Notification upon taxi arrival
  5. Selecting car type Riders should be able to choose between different classes of vehicles (In the case of Uber there are UberX, UberXL, UberSelect and Uber BLACK). Of course, the fares will vary depending on the type of vehicle
  6. Sharing rides with other passengers, the rider should be able to share a booking with another rider who’s heading in the same direction and split the cost
  7. Favourite addresses for convenient future bookings.

Must-have features for the Driver App:

  1. Locating passengers on a map.
  2. Ability to see relevant info about the passenger: name, photo (optional), contact info, rating, number of passengers.
  3. Ability to accept or deny requests.
  4. Setting status (Go Online / Go offline) The “Go Online” status allows passengers to see drivers on the map and engage them. The “Go offline” status will temporarily hide the driver from being tracked.
  5. Advanced route optimization.

Admin Panel

The admin panel is usually a web-based interface that helps manage the entire service: manage back-end settings, manage drivers, passengers, requests, transactions, view passengers and drivers’ activities, statistics, and generate reports.

Passengers: Every account detail about passengers is gathered here, including their ratings. Here you can track the passengers’ activities, change account details, and ban passengers with a low rating.

Drivers: Driver details are more important because they should include information from the official documents. Again, you can track all activities and ratings to control the service’s quality.

Admin dashboard: The system thoroughly gathers information from different activities and sums it up in reports and graphs. You will be able to see global stats and make business decisions accordingly.  Another important data set that should be stored here is financial results and analytics. 

Locations: Depending on the demand, admins can control from which areas to accept the orders. And on the contrary, admins can add more locations to the system.

Discounts and promo codes: Any special offers are also controlled in the admin panel: the type of the offer, its duration, date of activation, and user information.

Promotion: Admins can add advertisements to the app, edit its size and shape, duration, and, most importantly, the users’ reaction and a number of clicks (taps).

Types of Taxi Booking App

Broadly, there are two types of Taxi Booking Application which include:

Dedicated Taxi Booking App: This type of Taxi Booking App is an extension of your taxi business. It is suited to established taxi businesses who already own a fleet of cars and drivers. By launching their very own taxi service apps, these business owners make it easy for their customers to book a ride. At the same time, they gain the opportunity to reach a wider base of customers.

In such apps, the customers simply need to input their location, pay the service’s hourly tariff and select their preferred car. These types of apps require a server that can handle multiple customer requests at the same time and deliver taxis to the customers in the shortest time frame.

Taxi Aggregator Mobile App: Well, this is exactly the model Uber operates on.

Meant for the newbies, this type of Taxi Booking service App is for people who are starting in the business of taxis and do not already own a fleet of cars. In this, you offer a mobile booking service for taxi drivers. Now there are two primary reasons for doing it- simple and complex.

Simple Cab Booking: In a simple solution, you need a single app for the customers that enlist the different Taxi Services along with their commercials. Such an app requires the integration of features that allow the customers to call and order a taxi for themselves directly. Additionally, such apps come with a map that shows all the destinations and provides an approximate fare estimate for the ride based upon the price per unit, distance, etc.

One of the greatest benefits of Taxi Booking Apps is that they do not require a server. However, you need to closely monitor and update the app’s database regularly in order to account for the price fluctuations. 

On-Demand Cab Booking (Real-time):  This type of app is much like Uber and calls for a server as well as a lot of investment. These apps are packed with a lot of advanced features, offered in the form of two discrete interfaces- one for the passengers and the other for the taxi drivers. Consequently, you will have ink coalitions with taxi companies or individuals for the same.

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