The Cost of Casino Game Development: A Step-by-Step Guide

The Cost of Casino Game Development: A Step-by-Step Guide

Casino games have always attracted people, as they involve risk and potential rewards, which cause excitement and thrills. The first computers and online games existed long before these forms of entertainment. In 1638, the Grand Canal in Venice became the first casino known to man. 

The gambling industry has been deeply rooted in pop culture ever since, from Monte Carlo to Las Vegas, and from James Bond to Ocean's 11. Online casinos became more popular with the introduction of digital technology. 

It is no surprise that the gambling industry is among the most profitable in the online game industry. In 2020, Research and Markets estimates that the casino and online gambling sectors worldwide will be worth $57.11 billion. In 2025, that number is expected to rise to $97.69 billion. Because of this, many consider investments in this area advantageous. What is the cost of building a casino?

We will introduce the types, development processes, examples, and specifics of online casino software in this step-by-step guide. At Artistixe IT Solutions LLP, we develop a wide range of online games, including casino games. Our expertise gained from completing such projects is the basis for this research.


Types of Casino Game Software

Building any kind of game software includes a series of production stages similar to the process of developing an online casino. These are some of the most common casino software types:

A web browser is required to access the game from any device. 

Specifically for smartphones and tablets, mobile apps are developed.

Installed software can be accessed only if you download it to your computer.


Casino games typically use cloud-based infrastructure. Cloud-based solutions are more efficient and reliable than on-premise solutions. We make the process much more cost-effective and time-efficient than building everything from scratch and hiring a full team of specialists. Thus, game developers use the services of casino software providers (Playtech, Microgaming, Net Entertainment, etc.) Another important aspect of casino game software is the programming language (C++, C#, Java, etc.) and engine (Unity, Unreal Engine 4, Phaser, etc.).

Its proven randomness is one of the most important conditions for casino game reliability. A random number generator (RNG) is utilized in the software to ensure fair results. Algorithms by which results are delivered are unsystematic.


Types of Casino Games

Casino Games Can be Categorized into the Following Categories:

Casino Games Can be Categorized into the Following Categories:

  • Branded slot games
  • Classic slot games
  • 3D slot games
  • AWP slots
  • Mobile slot games
  • Bingo
  • Card games
  • Fruit games


  • Slot Game Development

A slot game has its roots in the land-based casino gaming experience. Basic gameplay involves spinning, where you select a reel combination to bet on. In order to create such a game, you will need to create remarkable artwork, develop mechanics, use programming languages, a game engine, etc. Online casinos with different slot game types (classics, branded, 3D, etc.) are very popular.


  • Casino Game Development Process

The development of a casino game is a lengthy process with several crucial stages. The game development studios of the world must work with various specialists who brainstorm, create art, test, and code in order to create a casino game that will be outstanding and engaging.


Brainstorming Ideas

Game designers need to define the game's core idea before beginning the development process. A market analysis and a target audience analysis should be done at this point. A casino game is classified by its genre, type, and style depending on these factors. A mind map can provide a comprehensive understanding of a project since the visual approach provides a visual representation.


Defining Requirements

The team builds a plan of action for further casino development when building the casino development strategy. In addition to choosing whether the game will be in 2D or 3D, they also decide on what techniques and special effects to use. VR, graphics style, and any specifications affect the time and cost required for development. 


Designing Visuals and Special Effects

In the next step, game art, visual components, and special effects will be developed. Creating appealing and stylish designs for casino games is not an easy task, even though they are relatively simple. The majority of interface components, symbols, characters, images, and messages should be drawn manually by game artists.

It's time to focus on motion, dynamics, and special effects after sketching and concept art are finished. The process is implemented with various software tools (Adobe Photoshop, Animate CC, Blender, Autodesk Maya, ZBrush, etc.) depending on the chosen technique.



Programming is a crucial part of the online casino development process. That task is completely in the hands of the developers. They choose the most suitable programming language based on the chosen software platform. Some of the most popular options are Javascript, Java, C++, C#, Pearl, Assembly, etc. 

A game developer uses a variety of software tools to code the game. They favor HTML5, which is compatible with almost all devices. In addition to these, there is Angular, NodeJS, Vert.x, etc. Game engines play an important role in casino game development as it is a determining factor.



Testing the casino game before release is extremely important. As part of the testing process, all potential bugs are found, code quality is checked, and the general game is ready for release. It is possible to test an online casino in several ways. Specialists in quality assurance check functionality, compatibility, loading, and gameplay. 

Therefore, any possible problems can be determined and resolved on time. Regular testing of the casino game is highly recommended throughout the development process. 


Game’s Release

The online casino is finally ready to launch after all the phases of development are completed. This does not mean that the work is finished. Although the game has been released, it still needs constant support, regular testing, maintenance, and optimization. It is the feedback that the game creators receive from users that helps them improve and update their game. 



Make sure your online casino is well-marketed through a well-planned marketing campaign. The site contains game trailers, presentations, advertisements for relevant resources, and more. It is possible to break into the gambling market with a successful casino game.


Casino Game Example

Our team at Artistixe IT Solutions LLP has extensive experience with the entire lifecycle of an online casino. One of the greatest examples of a classic single-player card game is Solitaire King. The goal was to create challenging and attention-grabbing gameplay that users could enjoy no matter where they were and when they were. It is simple to follow a few rules. To move cards, the player simply has to tap them or drag them to their desired location. 

The 2D art for all characters and interface elements was created by our company entirely from scratch. In addition, we used the Unity game engine, which enables this online casino to be accessed from any device.


Features of Casino Game Software

Features of Casino Game Software

As the casino game industry grows rapidly, it faces fierce competition. As a result, if you want to be successful in the online casino industry, make sure your software includes all features necessary for its success. To satisfy online gamblers' needs, game development studios must come up with efficient solutions. 


  • Social Media Integration

Your online casino can benefit from social media integration. Social interactions can be achieved by allowing users to share gaming results and experiences. We live in a society where social networks play a huge role. Thus, linking the game to their social accounts can be a great benefit. 


  • Bonuses

The bonuses system feature catches the attention of users and keeps them engaged in the game. Online casinos can provide their players with rewards and benefits, such as free spins, internal purchases, and lucky draws. 


  • Payment Methods

Provide gamers with a variety of payment options. In addition to cryptocurrency, PayPal, and online wallets, they should be able to choose the banking method that is most convenient for them. Keep the payment process simple and intuitive so as not to drive away potential customers. You should also pay out quickly.


How Much Does It Cost to Develop a Casino App?

Now that you know all the development milestones, it's time to reveal the online casino software price. In most cases, the cost of developing a game depends on a variety of factors, but the complexity plays a key role. As prices in different countries can vary, the location of the outsourcing development team is also important.


There are three key aspects of casino game development that significantly affect its cost:

  • Design 
  • Integrations with side apps or services
  • The number of features



Design is not the most expensive phase, but it's a crucial one. The next step will be to determine the style, type, and the overall concept based on the analysis of the target audience. Between $15 and $50 is the average hourly wage of a videogame designer.



The process of building an online game from the ground up may be too expensive and time-consuming. Hence, many game production companies consider a white-label business model. White-label solutions may be a better option than in-house development. The alternative to building your own gambling solution is to buy a ready-made solution. 

By using the iFrame HTML tag, you can make the game available from any device without busting your budget. 

As a final step, Game Engine Integrations provide a ready-to-use software environment. When you develop your online casino on a GE basis, the time and costs will be significantly reduced. Unity's annual subscription is $1800 per seat.



You can directly influence the price of an online casino by choosing all the features you want. Nevertheless, you will also have to ensure that all the important features are available to the users. The following table reveals the approximate prices of each basic feature of a casino game. 


Registration and Profile Management

With the ability to create an account and manage their profile, gamers will be able to use these features. Registrants should be able to sign up via their phone, e-mail, or social networks. It will cost about $3000 to develop these features.


Payment System

Providing users with a sufficient number of payment options, including PayPal, Skrill, Mastercard, etc., is a must. Payment and deposit systems for your application should be simple and straightforward. A payment processor or in-house processing unit may be used to provide it. You can expect to pay between $5000 and $15000 for this function, depending on your choice.


Customer Support

In addition, gamers will be able to contact support whenever they need help. Customer service, reliability, and security are essential aspects of an online casino. You can expect to spend about $5000 to implement these features.



The goal of online gambling is to make players feel safe and confident. Users' money and personal information must be protected. Make sure the application is protected with SSL and has a Random Number Generator for random, fair results. Security features typically cost $10000. 


Social Media Integrations

Integration of social media can enhance interactions and let users share their gaming experiences. It is estimated that the project will cost about $500,000. 



Online casinos offer a variety of bonuses and rewards that keep their users interested. Examples of bonuses include free spins and lucky draws. Bonus features usually cost around $10000.


Affiliate Payments

Promoting and spreading information about your game will require partnering with other companies. It will be especially important when the casino is first released. Affiliate payments can range from $5,000 to $10,000.

Casino Game Development Cost by Production Stages

The following table depicts the costs associated with each stage of the development process. The prices are approximate, and only reflect outsourced game development.


To sum up

Casino Game Development costs are influenced by various factors, including complexity, required features, type of game, and location of the team. Hopefully this guide helped you answer the question of how much money it takes to start a casino.

Creating a successful project will require you to entrust it to a dedicated team of talented game developers. It is not always easy to find a game production company that meets all of your needs. You can contact us at Artistixe IT Solutions LLP if you are confused and are looking for the right team. We promise our clients full price transparency and flawless communication during the development process so they can feel comfortable. You can visit our website to see more examples of our works related to casino games.

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