What is the Future Scope of React Native App Development

What is the Future Scope of React Native App Development

React Native is the most popular hybrid mobile app development technology among the developers. The development of React Native has eliminated the burden of creating apps that can run in both iOS and Android. Facebook and its community create an ease for the React Native app developers by building the amazing software. It has a bright future as this tool is supported by the large community of developers.

React Native is the framework that enables web developers to create strong mobile applications by using their JavaScript knowledge. It provides very fast development of phones and very efficient code sharing across iOS, Android and the Web without sacrificing the end user experience or application quality. Artistixeit, the React Native app development company, thinks that the future of this software is very magnificent.

It is most important for the companies and developers to understand the value of React Native and make certain the success of their apps

React Native is the native version of JavaScript library maintained by Facebook and Instagram’s developers. React Native has gained fame among the large community of web developers. Many of the giant companies like Facebook, Instagram, Skype, Airbnb, Tesla, Walmart, Baidu Mobile, Bloomberg and others have shifted their eyes towards this amazing software.

In this digital world, where speed, fast tools etc. are the need of any mobile application, React Native Developers are giving their best to make mobile apps and websites to run faster with their good performance.

Benefits of React Native: - 

  • Low Cost to Maintain: - For small start-ups, money plays a vital role. And if you have your audience both on iOS and Android then you can use cross-platforms and for this React Native is good and provides it at minimum cost. As React Native is applicable on both iOS and Android, hence provides you leverage in terms of cost.
  • Time to Market: - It is the period which it takes from the product being conceived until it is being available for sale and in our case, it is a mobile app. The success of the mobile app depends on the time to market. To enter in the market very soon, React Native plays a smart move by providing it for both iOS and Android. And creating an app by React Native ignores the delay.
  • After Launch Upgrades: - If you have arranged after launch upgrades for your mobile app, spending money in native development is quite fruitful. There is a higher cost associated with native development. You have to predict the forthcoming future. Visualize the future of the mobile app before finalizing the framework.
  • React Native Apps are Faster: - React Native uses JavaScript declaration-based programming model which runs clean and easy to acknowledge code. The resulting UI is highly responsive and feels fluid thanks to the asynchronous JavaScript environment. This basically means that the app is much faster and has better load times than a typical hybrid app, and a smoother feel.
  • Similar Architecture:  - The benefit of React Native is as same as React JS in terms of interface that is easy for React Native developers to work with. Having this kind of flexible environment, developers can update the apps. The biggest facility of the development of this tool is, it can extend the facility from web pages to mobile apps.

Reasons for using React Native: -

Reasons for using React Native

  • Growth: - React Native development is in process. It was made by Facebook and its community and for their betterment they are working day and night.
  • Code Once and Use Everywhere: - One code is required for both iOS and Android. No need to write different codes for iOS in swift or Java for Android.
  • Easy to Debug: - As there is only single coding use for iOS and Android, it becomes easy to detect the debugging. And by using React Native one can save many hours to detect the debug and a single bug fix can remove all other bugs from all other operating systems.
  • Add Third Party Plugins: - Many of the frameworks do not allow plugins because of the safety issues. But the React Native is developed in such a way that it allows third party plugins. Facebook made it for personal use and then after some time React Native became an open source.
  • Upholds Cross-Platform App Development:- It is very problematic for the developers to build and maintain apps both for iOS and for Android, due to the reason that both are written in different languages and also use different frameworks.
  • Save money and time: - If anyone wants to make apps for iOS and Android, React Native is best suited for you. it decreases the code base by 95% which can save your time as well as money. By using a single codebase, it becomes simple to create mobile applications with the same UI and UX designs for Android and iOS platforms.

Emily Janzer Explained the Whole Plan in the Three Phases

Phase one: - Native Module

This phase will basically be focused on native modules for the cross-platform app.

  • Type-safe: - An advancement over the safety of codes that one can share between JS and native platforms.
  • Less-overhead:- It will decrease the call back overloads between JavaScript and native environment.
  • Faster start-up: - It will reduce the beginning of native apps by default for faster loading apps.

Phase two: - Fabric

Facebook created a project called Fabric. It will change the React Native future. This project is created to build React Native community and its tool more compatible with other platforms than iOS and Android. This will definitely help to run your apps faster than the old cross platform apps.

Phase three: - It will help in achieving faster apps. So, React Native will be faster to load and create apps for your business. This is an upgrade that can change the future of React Native. 

Conclusion: - 

Artistixeit also thinks that the future of React Native is a phenomenon not only for mobile applications but also for enterprise grade solutions. The growth in the React Native Development will definitely give us some interesting releases like Fabric which will definitely ensure a new era of React Native in the near future.  Each and every thing indicates that the future of this software is very bright. Artistixeit can also provide you the best React Native app Developers. You can hire these React Native developers to create any mobile apps.

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