Why to Choose React Native for the Development of an Application?

Why to Choose React Native for the Development of an Application?

You can see that web and mobile development technologies are racing to improve their performance. Nowadays app development becomes easier and faster to execute. But sometimes creating an app is not easy. It is a tough task to make apps and also very expensive. So companies started to look for an alternative and they found the cross-platform development with React Native and from there this tool came into picture.

React Native is the framework that enables web developers to create strong mobile applications by using their JavaScript knowledge. It provides very fast development of phones and very efficient code sharing across iOS, Android and the Web without sacrificing the end user experience or application quality. 

React native can provide you many solutions that other frameworks can’t afford. The reason why the development of react native framework has gained popularity in recent years is that the framework helps cater both the platform at one go and ends the hot war of selecting either iOS or Android Development for mobile developers. Because of this, giant companies like Facebook, Instagram, Skype, Airbnb ,Tesla, Walmart, Baidu Mobile, Bloomberg and many more have put their eyes towards it. The development of React Native gives this company tremendous success. Moreover, using the React Native framework fills the gap between focusing on the wider marketplace and making the profit.

Here is the React Native Market Share:-

Among the top 500 apps in the U.S14.85% of installed apps are built with React native. If you look upon the top US apps, React Native is the third most popular framework right after Kotlin and Android Architecture Components.

Reasons to use React Native:-

Reasons to use React Native

  • Growing all the time: - React Native Development is under process. Both Facebook and the huge community around React Native are rigorously working on improvements for the framework. If you are not able to solve some problem right now because React Native does not have the solution, in a few months the situation might be different.
  • One code base for two platforms: - One codebase is applicable on Android and iOS. The code compiles to native Java and Swift. React Native fills the gap between web UI components and their native java counterparts. It follows the catchphrase “Code once and use everywhere”.
  • Save Money and Time: - If you want to develop an app both for the iOS and android, React Native is the best tool to use. It can reduce the codebase by 95% which saves time and money. Apart from that it has a number of open source libraries of pre-built components that help you to speed up the development process.
  • Add third party plugins: - Most of the frameworks do not allow third party plugins because of the safety issues but React Native framework allows you to add third party plugins. Add-on plugins provide easy and user-friendly interfaces. Facebook first developed it for personal use but later made React Native open source for everyone.
  • Flexibility: - Applications created on React Native can be used and maintained across many platforms which makes it very flexible. It allows you to build platform specific code.
  • Open Source Nature: - It is an open source platform i.e. its  source code is made available for use or modification as developers see fit.
  • Dynamic Performance: - React Native allows developers to perform tasks that are very much complex by using simple coding. It uses a Graphics Processing Unit (G.P.U.) which provides very high speed and performance. Its top notch performance is the reason to choose React Native over any other tools since it enables you to achieve 60 frames per second.
  • Easy to Debug: - As a single coding is sufficient for iOS and Android, the detection of debugging becomes easy. And it gives relief to the developers as Debugging is not a very pleasant job the reason behind this is that the testers take hours and hours to find out the exact point where the developer made the syntax error. And if you use React Native you can conserve countless hours as it can easily detect the debug and a single bug fix will remove all bugs from all other operating systems .
  • Developer Availability: - Large community and Availability of developers come under one of the biggest reasons to use React Native. It is made by Facebook and hence has a huge community online. Facebook and the community around React Native keep it updated.
  • Live/Hot Reloading: - It facilitates the fast refresh of the code. Live reloading protects the local state of the code on refresh. Hot reloading feature is an important benefit. There is only a minute difference between live reloading and hot reloading. Live reloading refreshes the whole application, while hot reloading only refreshes the file that has been edited, all the while maintaining the application in its original state.
  • Supports cross-platform App Development: - It becomes a very hectic task for developers to create and maintain apps for both iOS and Android because of the fact that both are written in different languages and also use different frameworks. A single platform for development checks the consistent experiences of users across many platforms.
  • App Performs as a Native App: - The building blocks of it are reusable native components and also comply with native platform. Hence there is no more use of WebView System components. The Native components used in iOS and Android are compatible with React Native. Therefore the app performs as a native app with concise functionality and look and speed.

Conclusion: -

If you want to create an mobile app that is user friendly go with the React Native as it is very easy and an open source tool and has multiple advantages. You can see it from the small start-ups to the giant MNCs using this tool. Code reusability and Cost saving are the two biggest benefits of using this language. It is a whole package when it comes to Mobile Application Development. It is very helpful for the developers because of the “one code everywhere” strategy. Artistixe IT Solutions LLP creates mobile apps by using React Native Software. You can hire experienced React Native developers from us who are consistently working on React Native development.

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