About the Project

This app is an outcome of an extreme idea by the client for online charity. This charity app gives an opportunity to users to be a part of a charity by donating funds or items. Users don’t have to go anywhere to donate to the charity; within a click, the user can donate the amount from anywhere and anytime.

To handle the financial and other user information along with app data, we were asked to develop a backend solution. By performing some easy operations admin can manage the donations, user profiles, and subscription plans.

Top Features of Our Charity App

Charitable organizations play a critical role in encouraging donations, raising awareness, and offering help. Here are a few major features for an ideal charity app.

  1. Charitable Categories Overview: A charity app should show a detailed overview of all the charitable categories. With the help of these categories, the app users could pick their preferred one to donate for. These categories should include churches, NGOs, orphanages, and much more.
  2. Set Calendar as a Reminder: A charity app should offer users the option of setting up reminders in the calendar. They can get notifications on when to make the next donation.
  3. Database of all Charities: An excellent charity app maintains a database of all the charities made by the app users. In the app, users should be able to find their charity details like where and how they have invested, anytime they want.
  4. Social Media Integration: In a charity app, you can allow users to link it with their social media profiles to be able to motivate other people to make donations.
  5. Push Notifications: You can also add a push notifications feature in your charity app. Users can get updates about the money they have donated.
  6. Secured online platform: Your charity app should be a safe and secure online platform for people to make donations. It should have its own term and conditions and a safe verification process before a user logs in to donate or just to access their profiles.
  7. Easy payment with a single tap: An excellent charity app provides users with an easy payment process. They could make easy payments in the form of charity in just a single tap.


Client Name
: Stuart Jones
: iPad App Development
Start Date
: 13th Aug, 2019
End Date
: 11th Sep, 2019
: Completed

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