On-Demand Cars on Subscription

On-Demand Car Services App Development are in big demand in today’s market. People are more comfortable with these on demand car services app as whenever they require they can hire experts from the on-demand platforms at their own time and place.

Due to the evolution of technology, now it is so easy to access the services online without visiting anywhere. This On Demand Car Services App provides flexibility to a lot of individuals and business to solve people’s day to day issues by inventing a mobile phone-based app service.

Here we are going to discuss the on demand car services App. Nowadays, offline car services are very difficult as people need to drop and pick their vehicle from the service centre, which is very time-consuming. To resolve this problem on-demand car services platforms can be introduced in which various car services can register themself and the user can access the services can register themselves and the user can access the services via mobile app.  

SwtchCar is an online Car Subscription Service providing rental cars irrespective of any contracts. Its vehicles are available on fixed monthly charges that include regular inspection & maintenance, insurance, vehicle tax, doorstep vehicle delivery, tire replacement, and more. Through the app, users can register themselves, browse available cars, and book a car of their choice by specifying the required details. Once the subscription is activated they can schedule a pickup or doorstep delivery of the vehicle. The company also offers high-end Porsche cars under the luxury car subscription service.

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Client Name
: Json Roy
: iPhone App Development
Start Date
: 10th Sep, 2019
End Date
: 2nd Jan, 2020
: Completed

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