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Blockchain IOT Development

Artistixe provides an embedded solution for IoT to secure devices with blockchain which is based on immutable identity and reputation tracking. The goal is to bring trust and security to blockchain IoT development. Leveraging blockchain for your IoT data offers new ways to automate business processes among your partners without setting up a complex infrastructure. 

The concept of IOT (Internet of Things) gets more validation and stronger framework with blockchain. It makes intricate network of internet of things simpler and effective with distributed ledger technology. Artistixe combines blockchain with IOT and attains the most favourable results. By deploying blockchain within the mechanism of IOT, it is possible to enhance the capability of IOT solutions.

When combined together blockchain and IOT makes an environment which is cohesive, secure and faster. The synchronization of different things can get way faster when it is done with a decentralized distributed ledger. Therefore, Artistixe recognizes blockchain IoT development as a core requirement for Internet of Things; it enhances the capability of the working of devices and strengthens their reach.

Data Decentralization

The core feature of the system is that it is decentralized which ensures the data is safe, secure, and unalterable. The applications are characterized by the absence of a third-party to validate the transactions.

Blockchain Security

Artistixe create blockchain IoT development security software that identifies and addresses the fundamental elements of a cross-industry standard for shared and distributed ledgers while transforming.

Blockchain Transparency

the Transparency of transactions is another benefit associated with Blockchain technology whereas no individual is allowed to alter the data blocks unless the majority of the network permits them.

Support and Upgrade

Having known that the application or asset is running successfully and the users are reaping its benefits, continuous assistance will be provided to check if any further updatation or repair is needed.

Benefits of Blockchain IOT

  • Additional layer of security
  • Monitor product
  • Build trust
  • Reduce additional costs
  • Accelerate transaction time
  • Immutable record
  • Reduce Risk of Loss
  • Eliminate fraud
  • Automate business process

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