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Digital Audit

A digital audit is basically the personalized audit given to the company suggesting the techniques which are not working and additional technologies that needs to be add on. Digital audit is very essential, as it helps in improving the working of the organization and hence helps in using better strategies than before. This audit undergoes with a complete processing regarding your digital portfolio and will recommends which thing is not essential for the company and hence has to be removed. This report gives the complete analysis of which Procedures Company should follow and which should they reject. Artistixe makes use of digital audit for better analysing their company’s profits.

Essentials While Choosing the Best Digital Audit Partner:

Check the business experience along with the digital experience: While choosing the company for digital auditing, it should be ensured that the company has good business experience also along with the creative digital experience.

Good amount of experience in the market: Some of the companies may be having the specific category of services, so the advantage of having that company is to be having a good amount of experience but at the same time, they have limitations also.

Tasks to be Done Before Doing Digital Audits:

Decide your expectations: Decide on the goal of digital audits, set the objectives like what do you want from this audit. Artistixe has predefined goals for doing the audits and hence helps in increasing sales.

Keep your old reports available: While doing the audit in your company, the auditing company may demand the old files, so it’s better to make files together.

Be energetic and involved: While the auditing company is doing the work, just be involved in the activities and changes they are doing, so that it will definitely improve the quality of the audits and hence beneficial to the company.

Customer Personas

Expand customer personas to engage through digital marketing.

Digital Ecosystem

Identify key digital marketing channels to reach target audiences.

Social Content Writing

Outline social platforms and content cadence, types, and examples.

Measurement Strategy

Outline measurement and reporting process, cadence and KPIs.

Artistixe Digital Audit Services

Following are some of our Digital Audit Services:

  • Competitive Audit
  • Website Audit
  • Analytics Audit
  • Search Engine Marketing Audit
  • Content Audit
  • Social Media Audit
  • ROI Audit
  • Email Marketing Audit

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