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Hourly Dedicated Resources Hiring

Artistixe IT Solution LLP provides hourly dedicated resource hiring engagement models, this help in providing expert, who dedicatedly work on the project, so the user entity will not have to face wage issues of having permanent employees.

The user entity will decide about the type of engagement model based on business requirements and financial plan. Some companies need diverse software development services and want to delegate work based on prioritization.

Hourly dedicated resource hiring is a type of engagement model that Artistixe provides where users can hire a resource based on predetermined hours to work on their development project, the work is done based on an hourly pay rate. Hourly dedicated resource hiring helps in ensuring a clear connection between a specific task and the related rate quoted.

The rate subsumes all the resources working on the project and confirms the full dedication of the team. As the invoicing is done based on time one can control the whole time slot and ensure guaranteed standardized work, as it chooses to get work done based on priority. Tasks that are the reason for the project budget going overboard can be easily identified. This model is the best for a business that has flexible and diverse requirements.

Per hour basis payment

The cost of the project is determined on a per-hour basis, not on a fixed cost.

Location Tracking

A person can identify how each hour is spent to deliver guaranteed standard work.

Reporting & Analysis

Reporting and Analysis section whereas Recurrent helps in reviewing team performance.

Commence Development

We receive the signed contract from the client we start with our actual development.

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Have a look at this Artistixe approach, which brings a better understanding of your needs and processes to the team.

  • Best In Class Infrastructure
  • Iterative Development & Delivery
  • Benchmark Cost Model
  • Flexible Working Hours
  • Scalable Succes
  • Tracking Real-Time Performance

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