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 IOT Development

The outbreak of the Internet of things is securely here. In upcoming years, it is expected that millions of devices will be connected with each other. Devices ranging from sensors, machines, cameras and vehicles - everything will be allowed by IoT. There are many uses in the market wherein businesses are exploiting the internet of things and cloud to serve their customer base by adding new IoT devices to their offerings.

Artistixe has rich experience in providing enterprise-class cloud solutions, developing IoT development applications for web or mobile apps with safe and secure device connectivity, developing algorithms and data analysis under one roof. Artistixe IT Solution LLP, IoT app Development Company, believes the technology has the potential to redesign several industries. Our professional team of engineers keeps an eagle’s eye on the IoT technologies available across the globe.

Our professional developers are able to identify and analyze the IoT business use-cases to create completely unique business models and generate revenue by reducing costs, enhancing security, boosting productivity and improving the Return on Investment where all is possible with an IoT based approach. Artistixe has worked on various projects which makes us an efficient IoT development service provider. We have extended some applications in industries like healthcare, retail, manufacturing, retail, etc

Artistixe Enterprise-Scale Services Include:

  • Understanding the business requirements for IoT development with a clearly defined procedure.
  • Security and vulnerability issues during the execution.
  • Implementations of IoT development including Mobile application, Data Analytics, Wearable, Machine learning, Artificial Intelligence and Sensor applications using cloud
  • Proof of execution and validation.
  • Development and architecture design, User Interface design with appropriate system integration
  • Big data and cloud enablement, Delivery management and device monitoring and management.

Data Retrieval

The data should be cleared, structured, and securely stored in the cloud.


Data brings little value if it is not processed, structured, and presented in the right way.

Data Analysis 

our expert team also develops custom visually appealing IoT data visualization solutions. 


we plan, launch and manage custom devices and sensor prototype development.  

Artistixe IOT Development Services

  • Empower large and small firms
  • Professional IoT service provider
  • IoT- driven smart innovations
  • Outcome resulting
  • IoT solutions
  • Creating IoT Implementation strategy

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