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Maintenance &Support

IT departments provide various services such as development and deployment of new software, providing Maintenance &Support services. As development and deployments are the main areas to focus on, companies generally outsource support and maintenance services to reduce the workload of IT departments, which helps them to focus on keen areas. An integral part of the software is maintenance, which requires a precise and perfect maintenance plan to be prepared during software development. It includes modifications as per user requirement and reports problems and solving them.

At Artistic IT Solution LLP  come up with committed to do Maintenance & Support services that will enable you to focus on keen and major business activity. It provides a team of expert software professionals who have the following specialized skills-

At Artistic IT Solution LLP  take charge to handle the maintenance of software to provide bug-free software at deployment to make software robust and firm.

Adaptive Maintenance and Support 

It can make necessary corrections, changes, and revisions as and when required, such as data format changes, updating the server.

Perfective Maintenance and Support 

Perfective maintenance provides constant maintenance and special attention, we test software for editing, deletions, changes.

Corrective Maintenance and Support

Mostly these changes are sprung by bug reports created by users. It will fix the logical error, coding error, and design errors.

Preventive Maintenance and Support

In this, they focus on minimizing the deterioration of your software in long run. we prepare your software for future requirements.

Our Maintenance and Support Process:

Our process works like clockwork because we have a systematic framework in place to process your requirement from end-to-end. Our process is as follows:

  • Requirement Collection
  • Program Analysis
  • Maintenance Proposal
  • Evaluating Infrastructure Stability
  • Testing
  • Release and Reporting

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