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Rest / Soap API Development

SOAP and REST APIs development are simple with Artistixe. Developer teams can seamlessly consume and expose them without having to write code. Debugging, monitoring and troubleshooting are built-in. The visual editor generates artifacts such as methods and data structures, which developers can use in applications in a visual way.

To consume a SOAP web service, developers simply provide the location of the WSDL (Web Services Description Language) file. The Artistixe IDE inspects the WSDL and generates everything needed to invoke the web service methods.

To consume a REST API, a developer needs to provide the service end-point URL, and an example of the service request and response in JSON. Most services include a JSON sample request and response in their documentation and it can be pasted into the Artistixe editor. Artistixe generates everything needed to invoke the REST service

REST relays heavily on HTTP to make the best use of its methods. It exposes the server resources to the clients, who can interact (get, add, update, delete) with them using those methods

After Artistixe has generated the SOAP and REST APIs development service methods and data structures, invoking the service is seamless. From a developer's perspective, there is no difference between invoking a system method, or a method exposed by an external service

What is brilliant about SOAP and REST APIs development is that they enable software creators to build a solution once and then simultaneously reuse it as many times as necessary and in as many places as necessary. This means several things.

Update and Easy-to-Install

A digital distribution platform built for the purpose of gaming applications, Steam is an easy-to-install API that also gets automatically updated without any hassles.

Range of Features

From digital rights management to social networking, Steam also offers cloud storage, inventory service, music player, and voice/video service among other notable ones.

In-Game Purchases

once you Using Steamwork’s micro-transaction Application programming interface (API), where anyone can make in-game purchases easily and seamlessly.

Steam Workshop

One of the main and most prominent features of Steam is its Workshop forum where a user can connect with fans and community members for their input to content creation.

Rest/SOAP API Development

Rest/SOAP API with Artistixe  

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