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SDK Integration

SDK stands for “Software Development Kit”, which is an exceptional way to think about a kit. Think about placing together a standard car or plane. When assembling this model, a whole kit of different items is needed, including the tools needed to put them together and the assembly instruction guide.

SDK integration is the origination reference for almost every program a modern user would interact with. Right from the web browser to the video games you play at the end of the day, many were first built with an SDK, even before an API was used to communicate with other applications.

This set of tools can be basically divided into 3 categories:

  • Programming or operating system SDKs (iOS, Android, etc.)
  • App maintenance SDKs
  • Marketing SDKs

The SDK-based Solution for applications across smart and feature phones, desktops, laptops, wearable devices, cameras, and point-of-sale devices. It has broad integration options across operating systems as well, with compatibility including custom variants of the Android operating system, Linux, Windows, MacOS, and Raspberry Pi.

SDK integration can be used in cases as simple as the implementation of one or more application programming interfaces (APIs) in the form of some libraries to interface to a particular programming language or to include advanced hardware that can communicate with an appropriate embedded system. SDKs are widely associated with apps/softwares; it’s possible to make use of them in connection with websites, set-top boxes, and other digital platforms. A mobile SDK management is used for building and managing  applications and software devices. It provides resources for the same and customizes the applications.

Additional benefits of Artistixe’s SDK include location smoothing, a fast time-to-fix, MAC address collapsing, stationary detection, offline location, and power optimization. See how each of these features can add value to connected devices:

Location Smoothing

Algorithms that use historic location data and patterns to inform device locations in the future.

Offline device Location

Determine device location, by collecting a token that gets replayed once devices are back online.

MAC Address Collapsing

artificial Intelligent filtering to detect multiple MAC devices addresses associated with one router. 

Power Optimization

Technology to minimize the number of access points that need to be scanned to yield location results.

SDK End-To- Workflow

The SDK end-to-end workflow consists of 6 major steps, plus a coordination one, each of them supported by a set of SDK tools and components.

  • Coordination
  • Implementation
  • Composition
  • Packaging and Bundling
  • Validation and Testing
  • Benchmarking
  • Analysis

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