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Smart Contract  Development

Smart contracts are virtual agreements encoded as computer protocols. They cannot be changed by any party, including the two agreement holders. For amendments to be made, the entire network must be altered. Implement smart contracts to automate business processes in Ethereum, EOS or Hyperledger.

Smart Contract development is self-executing protocols that use blockchain technology. Blockchain applications are on the rise as industry players are seeing it with a wider view. The potential of smart contract development can induce notable efficiency, transparency, and cost savings in the core operations. The self-executing nature of smart contracts makes them powerful tools for a variety of applications across multiple business areas. Artistixe’s expert team focuses on developing smart contract-based solutions to existing industry problems using Ethereum, Hyperledger and EOS-based smart contracts.

With a unique combination of technical and blockchain business expertise, our experts can write your smart contract’s code fast and securely, tailored perfectly to your business requirements. Artistixe is the Smart Contract Development Company with the best solutions for your enterprise. Up to date with every new technology and innovation in the blockchain world, our team of experts is focused on building an outstanding computer-based protocol.

Smart Contract Architecture

Computer-based protocol requires a bug-free workflow, we implement the best practices to create contract architecture.

Smart Contract Audit

Artistixe offer smart contract Validation services to provide a smart contract free bugs and breaches.

Contracts Optimization

Artistixe optimizes smart contracts before the deployment to help clients save Ethereum gas.

Design and Development

Smart contracts developers design it with customized features adaptable to any industry.

We develop the following smart contracts on Hyperledger:

  • Automated claim settlement
  • Invoice smart contract
  • Payment smart contract
  • Asset traceability
  • Insurance policy tokenization
  • Health wallets
  • Digital certificates
  • E-warranty

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