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Stock Trading Application Development

Artistixe IT solution LLP is the best leading company in India, which offers stock trading software and stock trading application development with extraordinary features. We are providing super stock trading solutions to businesses which is transform their business profitable through our robust stock exchange solutions.

The arrival of new technologies and new trading system has experienced a huge diversity. Advance stock trading application development takes one step forward the online stock trading system and hauled the trading business to reach its mountaintop.

Nowadays, as there is an app for everything, stock trading application also won’t be a surprise for them. Currently, we can say that stock trading application concept is the most one of the most trending application in mobile industries. Well with these applications investors can easy to buy and sell investments without stockbrokers. 

Top 3 Stock Trading Applications

Robinhood Stock Trading App: In present Robinhood has become one of the best stock trading application development by offering free stock trades. The supreme features of Robinhood Stock Trading app revolve around the searching, tracking the stocks that you own and trading stocks, etc. 

Stash Stock Trading App: Stash Stock Trading App is also one of the top most stock trading application development in the world. The primarily for newbies who wish to make their own investment decision by safe along the way. This application constantly educating you on how the investment world moves. 

E-Trade: E-Trade used to be a pioneer in the online investing world. Based out of Silicon Valley, the brokerage started offering online trade with the help of America Online (AOL) and Compuserve. And soon they launched one of the best stock trading application – E-Trade app. The app lets you view investments or enter trades for ETFs, stocks, and mutual fund.

Stock Searching

A beginner can easily learn to trade and find stocks through the search feature of the app. Searching relevant stock and knowing the market prices can help them analyse their profit/losses.

Purchase and Sell

Searching stock’s current status can come to a decision of buying/selling with some apt news that is mentioned in the present stock. It makes a user’s trading decisions sane and builds confidence.

Profit/Loss Status

This feature shows profit or loss on a particular stock in a percentage and ranking pattern. It shows a list of stocks in which one has been trading the virtual money and makes the analysis easier.

Professional Advice

The user of this simulator mobile app development can follow professional trading analysts and can know more insight on the currency exchange market. The user cannot do a message to the followed person.

Artistixe features of Stock Trading Application Development

  • Authenticated Login

  • Transactions Management

  • Accessible User Page

  • Maintenance of Trade on Stocks

  • Commerce of Stocks

  • Push Notifications

  • Stocks Hunting

  • Market Trends and Analysis

  • History of Holdings

  • Sorting and Filtering

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