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Solution Overview

Solution Overview

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Adult Magazine Development

User App

The Users will be provided with Reverie and Fancy Snapshots. And the users will be able to Register and will have to pay online through secure and fast and trusted Payment Gateways for the services and they will be choosing proper subscription plans either weekly, monthly, or yearly. The users will be able to provide reviews and ratings on the prescribed shots.

Core features of User App:

  • User Registration
  • User Dashboard
  • Payment Gateway
  • History Management
Adult Magazine Development

Vendor Panel

The vendor has a panel where only that vendor can upload the products, takes the orders. Vendor products are displayed at the customers' end. Customers can look for it with a simple search. The following features for a vendor to have complete control:

  • Vendor Registration
  • Powerful Vendor Dashboard
  • Product list
  • Shipping Info
  • Payment Gateway
  • Review and Rating
Adult Magazine Development

Admin Panel

The Admin of the app will have the control to view User Id, password and email address, and etcetera. The admin of the app will directly receive the payments into his account paid by the user. The supervisor of this app will be able to administrate and define the subscription plans and will have the details of the expiring of the subscription of the users and bonus.

Artistixe Solution provides you with all these features packed into one Adult magazine development solution with the help of latest Web, Android, and iOS app development techniques.

Call To Action

An adult magazine publication takes careful planning and visual skills to perfect. Converting it to a digital platform should leave it exactly as inviting and delicate as the original. By unleashing your magazine’s digital potential, the Adult Magazine Development Solution becomes more than another distribution channel. The eMagazine pushes the limits of a traditional magazine format. It allows continuous testing and improvement of ad performance, UX, and design features, as well as growing your audience within the platform.

Push your content across multiple channels with a single click. Now publish with ease on your own branded App, web, and social channels and broaden your reach to attract more customers. Artistixe makes it easy to publish your content to your own mobile app, website, or other digital channels. From text to video to interactive elements, no matter the source, the Artistixe Adult Magazine Development software lets you bring your content to life on multiple devices with no coding and no hassles. Whether your goal is to create and publish content from scratch or to distribute your designed content to a targeted audience, our platforms are designed to deliver visually appealing and engaging content across multiple channels with ease and without coding.

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The Users will be able to register on the app with Google, Facebook or Simple Sign Up using email and password.


The Admin-defined subscription plans will be the ones the users can subscribe to the application accordingly.

Pay Online

Pay with PayPal, Stripe Payment and Latest and Popular Payment Gateways for swift, safe, and secure transaction.

Review and Rating

The Users will have an option with which they can anytime review and rate the snapshots.


The above-described features in all available languages like French, Spanish, German, etc.


The developers at Artistixe take care that the User Interface and User Experience of the app runners are up to the mark.

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