Cars on Rental

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Similar to Zoom application

Cars on Rental

Passenger App: 

One tab solution similar to Zoom Car

Passenger app (Cars on rental) is very essential to book rent a car. A rental car is a very appropriate option to fulfill temporary vehicles. Though the procedure of renting a car depends upon the locations as some of the standard rules and policies are applied as per the state, city, and country.

While renting a car some of the documentations are required such as driver's license, insurance policy, a valid telephone number and/or email address, and a valid credit or debit card for the security purpose. 

Cars on Rental

Admin Panel:

Secure and Safe rental services

  • Know your customer
  • Pricing
  • Technologies
  • Market research, fund
  • Documentations
  • Proper policies
  • Kind of vehicles
  • Manage travel agencies, fund
  • Passenger’s account
Cars on Rental

Artistixe IT Solutions LLP provides an option to make money from your car. The driver app is similar to Zoom Car which has been started a program wherein they are searching the owners of the cars who are interested to make money by giving their car on rental.

Driver’s app provides the opportunities to owners of the cars to make money and also it involves fewer amounts of risks. There are times where drivers are on the vacation in that case they can make money by renting their cars to the company.

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Artistixe IT Solution, a leading Car Rental App Development Company, develops innovative car rental apps that analyze the search for rental cars by smartphone users nearby the place while your app grows the credibility and trust of your customers. A mobile app for your Car Rental business assists you to obtain new customers, display your services; working timings; working places and locations; and everything that you give to your customers, saving your time and effort as well as that of your customers. It also builds a vast marketing tool for your business. 

Artistixe strive to use the latest technology to transform real car rental businesses or help create new car rental services with a white label and readymade Car Rental app Solution and are open to new features and integrations as per your business needs. The car rental app helps to track every car, which has been used in your business enterprise. The On-Demand Car Rental Mobile App controls and overviews every rented transport. With the guidance of a car rental system, you cannot only list car rentals on your website but also can market their devices. These Car Rental Applications have become the new approach that allows you to manage your rentals and accounts at the same time and can be developed in a customized way according to your business requirements.

Scheduled Car Rental Platform

Rent a car for individual, corporate & commercial use

Hire Good Vehicles 

Providing good facilities to service receivers by hiring the vehicles.


Cars on rental need decimations such as license, insurance, the security amount.

Manage Risk 

Cars should be insured and while giving the cars on rental users must be insured.


If the market is not in favour the driver needs to plan to dispose of the cars.


You have more choices are available at a low cost.

Low cost 

Cars on rental are cheaper than buying your own car.

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