CSGO Game Solution

A steam community solution

Solution Overview

Solution Overview

Counter Strike Global Offensive Game

CSGO Game Solution

User Panel

Users will need an authentic account to sign in for the CS:GO Game Solution

Users can play the game, see the top player, see the history, and can see the referral code by going into the settings. He can have access to choose the payment mode.

He can also see his profile and can occur giveaways. Access to jackpot games, coin-flips, history of jackpots. Users will learn to use mouse DPS in CS, Launch options, Server configuration, and more. By playing game user can gain coins for purchasing weapons from inventory.

CSGO Game Solution

Admin Panel

He can encode and decode the data information of the user

Access to user profile, user payment information, payment gateway, options regarding CS:GO Game Solution. Admin is able to manage the CSGO fully, it includes the content regarding the game guide, Launch Options, all the data.

Artistixe IT Solutions LLP provides the best administration and also ensure the user’s safety. Admin can change the content regarding the guide, can change the panel settings which are shown to the user. 

CSGO Game Solution

Inventory Panel

Players come to the game looking for a competitive experience, for some the first exposure to CS:GO comes from the game's weapon. It's not just weapons that help fill out Counter-Strike's economy, either. The game also offers things like display items, patches, pins, graffiti sprays, and even stickers that players can stick on their digital weapons.

All that stuff has to be stored somewhere and ready to go at a moment's notice. Enter Valve's Steam Inventory.

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Artistixe offers feature-rich Counter-Strike tournament management software that can bring a significant level of player engagement to your platform. Whether you are a novice esports operator or a well-established esports business owner, our CS: GO Game Development is a perfect option for getting launched in the esports industry with a boom or enhancing your existing business module effectively. Counter-Strike Game is one of the most hard-fought gaming battles that take place between counter-terrorists and terrorists. Thus its platform demands to be integrated with all the requisites such as weapons, skins, etc. The Counter-Strike tournament management platform developed by us comes wrapped with all the mandatory and advanced features that facilitate an exciting gaming experience for your players.

A Smart Move For Smarter Returns

A multiplayer entertainment CS:GO game


The user will have to sign in through a steam account.

Automated Bots

Fast and easy interaction with bots for CS:GO Game Solution app and web.


We ensure full payment safety. Payment can be made online, credit and debit cards.


Users can choose any CS:GO  inventory, CS:GO skin, and CS:GO accessories.

Fair Jackpot

This Function enables the user to have access to fair jackpot games.


Subscription can be managed by Admin.

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