ELearning Solution Management

Solution Overview

Solution Overview

ELearning Solution Management

Student Panel

Student Panel is specifically designed to allow students to enroll on the platform, search for the courses they are interested in, and learn from the best-in-class tutors. An E-Learning Solution makes it easier for students to learn at the pace they are comfortable with instead of a rush to compete.

Core feature of Student Panel:

  • Log In/Sign In
  • Real-Time Mock Tests
  • eBooks Learning
  • Easy and Effective Digital Library
  • Assignment Tracking System
ELearning Solution Management

Tutor Panel

A platform allowing tutors to teach much more students than any physical platform. Gaining better reviews and showing better results can help each tutor grow at a much better rate than any other platform.

Advance and enhance eBooks
Statistics and Graphical Embedment
Custom Content Development like Mock Exam, Subject Content, etc.
Module Management System (Upload Videos, Audios, Images, and Manage Account)
Standardized Evaluation Process Implementation

ELearning Solution Management

Admin Panel

A panel for the Owner to manage and monitor all the operations without any headache. An Admin should be able to manage all the Students, Tutors, and all the lectures/courses being offered on the platform.

Core features of Admin Panel

  • Admin Dashboard
  • lectures/ Classes/Time-Table Management
  • Notification Management
  • Mange Students and Teachers
  • Payment Management

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As an eLearning Development Company with effective learning content designers, we are passionate about creating effective eLearning Solutions that focus on improving the skills, behavior, and performance of your workforce and thereby delivering tangible results to your organization. At Artistixe, we have extensive experience in designing and developing TOP-NOTCH quality E-Learning Solution Management platforms that can make you Stand Out!

The dawn of the digital age has brought the concept of eLearning along with it. In the modern world getting knowledge about a few subjects is not enough so students tend to move towards platforms that allow them to learn all around. E-Learning Solution Management Development has shown a way for both students and Tutors to push their limits and open the path to success.  We have built eLearning Management Software systems and provide business solutions to our customers.

A Smart Move For Smarter Returns

 Search Tutor

Students can search for the tutor around and can enroll in offered courses.

Enroll Course

Allowing easy access to the content by simple enrollment.

Problem Solving

Easy to access exercises/assignments to help students apply the learned concepts.

Video Lectures

Providing solutions to students to access the content to enrolled courses.

Test Scheduling

Well prepared tests by experts to examine each student before the course completion.

Progress Tracking

Real-time status of the progress made by any student in any course.

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