Hotel Management Solution

Solution Overview

Solution Overview

Hotel Management Solution


  • Guest survey: Artistixe takes reviews from customers.
  • Electronic poll: It deals with sending mails after customers book their rooms and after they have returned home.

Artistixe asks the customer about their expectations, ask them about the things we need to improve.

  •  Authorize hotel employees: Increase hotel employees efficiency and effectiveness by providing them with training setting various protocols
  •  Clever with lost things: When a customer loses their belongings or important thing Artistixe provides them with every possible support it could do.
  •  Interdepartmentally problem solving: Artistixe provides employees in the various department to solve problems of customers as per department wise.
Hotel Management Solution

Admin Panel

User Administration: This allows creating, blocking, or modify the administration profile linked to user access control.

Effective user access control:  Artistixe can configure many administrative users to associate them with specific work, roles as per their business requirement.

Discounting strategies and coupon administration.

Hotel Management Solution

Staff Panel

This panel of Artistixe look after staff activities, their performance is- Staff efficiency, Staff effectiveness, Honesty, and Strong work ethic.

Core Features of Staff Panel:

  • Staff Dashboard
  • Sign-In
  • View Past Visits, Future Appointment
  • Add Meetings
  • Register the user

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Hotel Management Solution

A Smart Move For Smarter Returns

Consider Paid Advertising 

This doesn’t have to be restricted to big and rich hotel corporations. Also be a viable option for independent hotels on a PPC basis.

Understand your Competition

It’s important to know who the similar players in your market area so you aren’t significantly underselling or overselling your rooms.

Focus on Specific Markets

You’re more likely to secure the bookings you want if you use certain time periods or other methods to target or focus on specific audiences.

Carefully Respond to Reviews 

While only 14% of consumers trust traditional advertising, 92% respect reviews on sites such as TripAdvisor. 

Manage your Rates and Promotions

Guests don’t simply use OTAs for a wide range of choices, often they’re looking for last-minute deals and offers.

Accurately Manage your Inventory

With pooled inventory is the best way to achieve this because travellers won’t be disrupted by double-booking issues.

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