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Solution Overview

Solution Overview

Internet protocol television development

IPTV  Solution

Customer Panel

 Guaranteed quality of service

Artistixe IT Solutions LLP provides the internet Protocol televisions services which enable the content to be displayed on TV with the help of setup boxes. IPTV works on already existing internet networks where we can connect so that users only need to connect with the provided setup boxes and turn the switch on. IPTV also provides the facility to users as they can select the videos whatever users want to watch. IPTV Solutions provide two-way services i.e. live television and video on demand.

IPTV  Solution

Channel Manager

Acquisition of video content based on IP

IPTV solutions have comprised acquisition, secure delivery, and possession of video content that is based on internet protocol. IPTV also enables the low bandwidth facilities wherein instead of delivering every channel to every user, the manager can stream the channels which are requested by end-users.

Channel Managers manage services like internet access, Voice, and distribution of channels. Managers can view and manage the customer's profile as per the subscription paid by users.

IPTV  Solution

Admin Panel

IPTV world’s tail-end 

This is the dashboard for the Admin/Owner of the platform of IPTV solutions manages channel packages, Coupons, Customer's profile management, installation charges or fees, subscription plan management, payment management, and regulatory management.

The following core features are mentioned below:

  • Admin Login
  • Admin Dashboard
  • User Management 
  • Revenue Management
  • Channel management 
  • Notification Management 

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IPTV Software is a video broadcast technology that delivers video content over computer networks. IPTV technology always uses converged IP networks that allow other services like computer data exchange, VoIP, or internet access from the same network. The concept of the Internet of Things (IoT) and other ITC trends fits perfectly into IPTV Software. Our developing IPTV solutions offer on-demand videos, live TV streaming, and much more with the highest quality and great user experience.

Our experienced IPTV Developer provides unique solutions that will use the minimum bit rate so that the admin can serve the maximum audience with the lowest possible bandwidth requirements. Artistixe IT Solution LLP is a top-notch provider of IPTV Software well known for its precision and absolute business management solutions. We know our client’s needs, motto, and concerns, so we are highly committed to helping our clients realize their full potential. With our IPTV Software Development either in single or multiple-office configurations, the owners can make the entire process affordable, easy to set up, and simple to maintain and customize over time. We add transparency between the teams as well as stakeholders, helping them to work together better, thus improving the overall performance.

A Smart Move For Smarter Returns

Stay home & enjoy live broadcast


IPTV can be configured as per the needs of the user

Live Streaming

Live videos can be displayed on TV via set-up boxes

Low Cost

Cost-effective as users can watch TV and access the internet at one time fees

No Cable Hassles

Set-up boxes are connected with LAN cables which supply the internet

No location Boundaries

Android TV can be connected via mobile apps or Bluetooth

Better Visibility

TV can be converted into a computer so that users can make video calls

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