Loan Management Solution

Solution Overview

Solution Overview

Loan Management Solution

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Efficient and effective management of loan

Artistixe IT Solutions LLP provides the management and disbursement of loans. Loan management solutions are third-party software that provides smooth and easy loan management to customers.

The loan management solution not only manages the disbursement of the loan but also manages the closure of loans. With the expansion of business, loan management becomes the major challenge. However, Loan management solutions help to make the process simpler, streamlined, and efficient.

Loan management solution systems offer the easy configuration of all types of loan products as well provides a variety of amortizations.

Loan Management Solution

Agent Panel

Management of borrowers through loan management software

Financial institutions manage the distribution of loans and borrowers from multiple locations through single software and provide a quick decision.  Agent panel record all the transaction and management the payments of the loan

The agent panel can check the fund's availability to provide the loans. Driver's panel can access the personal information of the client to check their credibility. An agent can also view the history of a loan of the client to check their capability of disbursement of the loan.

Loan Management Solution

Administration Panel

Omni and NSA increases the customer reaches

Admin Manages Cost reduction, faster loan approval, Compliance management, enhances operations, and services.

Features of Admin Panel :

  • log-In
  • profit Approval
  • Manage Discount & Offer
  • KYC Approval
  • Bank Partner Management
  • Loan Management

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Loan Management System is an integrated system that combines loan accounting, servicing, asset management, borrower information, and activity reporting for the life of a loan. LMS Systems contains historical data and current activity data as well as loan activity comments integrating document imaging to provide electronic availability regarding correspondence related to each and every loan. Loan Management Solution Development has no interdependencies with other systems. Artistixe IT Solution LLP is one of the best Loan Management Solution Development Company in India. We have built a robust application is based on sophisticated technologies. 

Our multi-edge solutions provide businesses with a great Loan Management Application. It matches and speeds up a time to market, maximizes profits, reduces IT expenses resulting in enhanced customer experience. Our Online Loan Management System helps you manage your business be it Vehicle Loans, Business Loans, or Personal Loans, the solution is completely automated and provide an end-to-end solution from Loan origination to loan disbursement and Loan Management. Its seamless and hassle-free implementation and elegant customer support make our LMS most preferred in India.

A Smart Move For Smarter Returns

Data Security

The driver's panel manages your personal data.

24*7 Access

Initiates the 24 hours access to the service receivers.

Paperless Process

Automated loan management solution changes the method into a digital process.

Less Calculation Error

Errors that adversely affect the business can manage.

Save Team Time

Automation can involve less time than manual work.

Optimize Revenue

Track all the transaction and provide accurate revenue.

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