Service Provider Solution

Solution Overview

Service Provider Solution

Admin Panel

This panel of Artistixe look after 

  • Managing service provider as well as customers
  • Admin panel will administer the content, processing of orders.
  • Manage pricing with the help of the dashboard.
  • Track services by viewing all the real-time services

Reports: Report about all the services provided, service provider, earnings, services that are not accepted, discounting policies.

Service Provider Solution

Staff Panel

This panel of artistixe look after service providers and the things mentioned below

  • Service provider account
  • Service request accepted by a service provider
  • Work details
  • Track the ongoing services
  • Time is taken to complete a particular service
  • Record about earnings of particular staff
  • Customer reviews on a staff member
Service Provider Solution

User App 

Artistixe provides this app for users. It includes

  • User account
  • Reservation for user service
  • Awaiting time 
  • Price estimates are provided to users
  • Various payment options
  • Review and gradings provided by users 
  • Canceling procedures

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Technologies have been designed to meet our daily needs and make our lives more convenient, apparently, they have successfully carried out their required functions. Just a couple of buttons touched on the smartphone screen are able to fulfill almost any request of its owner. The current users and even millennials want the most modern and sophisticated things to the bone. We invite you to take part in the race for customer satisfaction and to create a Service Provider Solution Development together with us.

Artistixe IT Solution LLP is a well-known Service Provider Solution Development company in India. Artistixe’s Handyman Service App has the capability to handle more than 52 services including all on-demand services like doctors, beauticians, fitness coaches, carpenters, lawyers, plumbers, maids, massage therapists, lawnmowers, etc. With all the services integrated under a single platform, users will find this app an elixir in this world of limited memory space and unlimited apps to download. Empower your next multi-service providing business with our On-Demand Services Provider Development Solutions.

It Provides with Managed It Services


Artistixe has an eye on the performance of various departments and has measures for securing data.

Detection and Alert

Detecting fraud and errors in functioning and alerting members so that correcting measures can be taken soon.


Artistixe provides training sessions to users staff and provides a secured cyber environment.

Third-party vendor

Artistixe provides people with details as to how soon the site will be available at the time of the disaster.

Compliance Procedures

Artistixe look after external as well as an internal compliance procedures requirement.

Backup Facility

It provides backup facilities as per requirement such as full backup, incremental backup, mirror backup, etc

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